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As the educational landscape evolves, so do the demands of the modern world. That's why we've curated a comprehensive selection of programs that cater to the needs of students, professionals, and lifelong learners. Our institute serves as a platform where knowledge meets practicality, theory merges with application, and dreams transform into accomplishments.

Chairman's Message

The Jurisdiction of activities of BTPE is entire Pakistan. BTPE Islamabad conducts various Technical and Professional programs, with several institution courses under its progressive management, and developed a unique place all over Pakistan. The main objective of the BTPE is to monitor & evaluate the training through the physical visit and other means to ensure the quality of training. Arrange and conduct final Trade Testing & Certification for successful trainees. BTPE also provides assistance to the organization to develop and implement in-plant training programs to address the skill deficiencies of employees and organize seminars, workshops, and other programs to promote training and employment.

Major Responsibilities

• Prescribe courses of study for its examinations.

• Lay down conditions for recognition of institutions to ensure provision of requisite facilities in the affiliated institutions.

• Grant certificates and diplomas to persons who have passed its examinations.

• Institute and award scholarships, medals and prizes in accordance with the Regulations and Rules.


Jurisdiction of PDPEC

1. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
2. Islamabad
3. Azad Jammu Kashmir
4. Gilgit Baltistan
5. Chitral
6. Lahore
7. Karachi

Terms and Conditions:

The terms and conditions of PDPEC are given below. Kindly make sure that you have read them well.

  • The institute will only train and induct the disciplines / training which can be managed either by the Institute itself or with the collaboration with other Institutions.

  • It is the responsibility of the institute to keep all the educational and professional record of the students.

  • Records of the students will be provided to PDPEC Pakistan whenever it is needed otherwise the diploma will be considered as cancelled.

  • The institute is responsible to train the students according to recognized syllabi.

  • At the completion of syllabi, the institute will conduct Examinations and evaluate the students properly.

  • The institute will be responsible to arrange Trade Test for those students who are willing to get a diploma / Certificate on Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) System/Experience-based and Distance Learning / Assignment based.

  • The PDPEC Pakistan is not responsible for any attestation of the testimonials from any Agency in Pakistan. Furthermore, it is the responsibility to inform the students prior to his/her induction that CVPE Diploma/Certificate is competency/skill-based and does not have any equivalency to any other Board/University/Agency in Pakistan.

  • No Advertisement will be allowed until unless a proper permission of PDPEC Pakistan is obtained.

  • The PDPEC Pakistan reserves the right to cancel, terminate, or suspend the affiliation without assigning any reason or notice.

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