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Who We Are ?

PTEC has been constituted by the Government of Pakistan under National Training Ordinance 1980 amended Ordinance 2002 on the initiative of World Bank, ILO and Employers’ Federation of Pakistan, to make the Technical & Vocational Training Programs flexible, demand driven and cost effective with the maximum participation of employers. It is basically an employer led autonomous organization functioning under National Training Board on the methodology of public & private partnership. The Council is comprised of 10 members with following composition.


Develop a flexible and responsive Technical Vocational Training System to prepare competent and trained workforce capable to respond to the fast changing needs of the 21st century and to contribute in the Economic Development of Pakistan.
The PTEC from its inception (1995) has been very successful in catering to the needs of Human Capital Development by arranging need based training programs and organizing workshops / seminars on promotion of Technical Vocational Education & Training, Entrepreneurship and Employment Generation, Women Training and Empowerment, Enterprise Development and other related issues.


• Provide productive link between industry and training providers for enhancing efficiency, effectiveness and responsive of training.
• Identify, analyze and prioritize training needs of the geographical areas.
• Meet training needs by arranging training, re-training and skill upgrading programs for educated youth and already employed.
• Develop, validate and determine training standards and curriculum content based on employment and industry need analysis to ensure qualitative and relevant / need based training.
• Develop and implement special training programs for women, children of industrial workers to prepare them for gainful employment or some other income generating activities.
• Plan, develop and implement any other programs and activity to promote TVET for the benefit of individual and industry.
• Support the informal sector i.e. Ustad-Shagird System by providing them opportunities of specific training and trade testing.


• Identification and prioritization of training needs.
• Design & develop training courses with the involvement of experts from relevant industries and training institutes.
• Identification and selection of training providers in the public & private sector.
• Advertising / publicizing training programs with the support of training providers.
• Arrange training at reputable training institutions having requisite training infrastructure including qualified and experienced faculty.
• Monitor & Evaluate the training through physical visit and other means to ensure quality of training.
• Arrange and conduct final Trade Testing & Certification for successful trainees.
• Provide assistance in arranging internship and employment after training.
• Arrange skill upgrading, professional development and customized courses.
• Provide assistance to organization to develop and implement in-plant training programs to address the skill deficiencies of employees.
• Organize seminars, workshops and other programs to promote training and employment.

Organization Chart