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PTEC Islamabad is a Professional organization established, constituted by the Government of the Punjab, Manpower and Overseas Pakistanis. In addition to its accreditation with various top ranked organizations, colleges to excel distance learning on fast track, online, competency based and regular education for life experienced, matured and on-job professionals.

PTEC operates on Public-Private Partnership. Active Participation of Employers Federation of Pakistan [EFP] and Private Sector Businessmen have created the success story of the PTEC Islamabad. It is affiliated with Foreign Office & colleges and is engaged in Distance Learning Education. Trade Testing Council is engaged to identify, develop and arrange Vocational, Technical / Professional and IT Training Programs. Training Programs are flexible, demand driven and cost effective with maximum participation from the Employers. PTEC also offers tailor-made courses, according to the customer’s .needs. It conducts Training Needs Assessment Surveys and schedules its training programs accordingly.